Tomahawk Camp was Awesome!

The 2nd year Webelo’s just got back from camping at the Tomahawk camp in North West Wisconsin (Near Rice Lake).  The weather was good and the rain mostly held off until our drive home.

In short this camp is geared for youths interested in transitioning to boy scouts.  The camp will teach the boys many useful skills such as aquatics, shooting, ecology and climbing as well as many more.

It is a 4 day, three night camp in 2 person tents.  Campsites are broken into groups of about 20 people, and most of the events you will attend with the rest of your campsite.  In addition to the standard scripted activities there are times available to explore on your own or attend the events of your choice; the beach was a favorite choice.

Below are some of the pictures taken during this years camping.  I would highly recommend this program for all 2nd year webelos!

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