Youth Protection Training

Please remember that all adults of Tiger cubs need to take the quick online training titled Youth Protection Training.

It can be found here:

Once complete please print the certificate and hand into your den leader.

Den Meeting 5/7/12

The Tiger Cubs had a great time hanging out with the Bear Cubs launching their Air Rockets! Alot of fun and big thanks go out to the Bear Cub Den Leader Derek Bernard for hosting the event. I’m posting my picture of Alex after he launched his rocket.

Pack Meeting 4/23/12

I want to congratulate all the Tiger Cubs on completing their requirements and earning their Tiger Badge! I also want to thank the parents for their help and support for getting this done. Even though Brandon wasn’t able to make the ceremony, I plan on awarding him his Tiger Badge at our next Den Meeting so let’s make sure everyone is there for it thanks!

Pictured from Left to Right: Vincent, Roby, Lincoln, Mica, my son Zack, and Alex

Den Meeting 3/5/12 Bowling

Alex, Micah, and Vincent got together at Park Grove Bowling Alley to complete their Bowling Belt Loop requirements and played a great game of bowling.

2012 Pinewood Derby 3/3/12

The boys had a great time racing their cars at the derby. Thanks to all the Tigers and families for making the event. Here’s a¬†picture of Alex, Vincent, and Lincoln with their race cars after the derby:

South Washington Bulletin Newspaper Tour 2/20/12

Big thanks to Scott at the South Washington Bulletin for showing the Cubs around the office and explaining how the paper works. Not only did the boys get to learn about a newspaper but they also got their own front page story about their visit!


Polar Cubs Camp 2012

On 2/11/12 Tiger Den 3 consisting of Alex, Brandon, Lincoln, Michah, Roby, and Vincent along with their dads participated in Polar Cubs Camp. Not only did the Cubs have fun but they also got to share a great experience with their Dads. I want to thank all the Cubs and parents who participated.





Den Meeting 1/16/12

Had a great time touring and visiting the Cottage Grove Fire Department. The boys got to try on Fire Gear and were allowed to go in the Fire Trucks. Thanks to all the Cubs and their parents for attending!

Pack Meeting 1/13/12

Congratulations to the Tiger Cubs pictured: Michah, Lincoln, Vincent, Alex, and Brandon on getting awarded their Achievement Beads and other awards at the Pack Meeting!

Popcorn/Wreath Pickup Dates

Popcorn Pickup: November 21st and 28th from 5:30PM-9:30PM.

Wreath Pickup: November 28th and December 5th from 5:30PM-9:30PM.

Address for all Pickups: 6661 Idsen Trail, Cottage Grove, MN 55016