A New Year

Well, we are now Webelos so what does that mean?  We‘ll Be Loyal Scouts is what it is all about.  Webelos is largely preparing the boys for Boy Scouts.  We’ll be doing activites that promote Citizenship, Conservation, Outdoors, and Academics.  Our tasks will be much more independent and the boys will learn to work together as well as lead each other. 

As a Webelos the basics requirements are few, but there is a Boy Scout like environment where we start Activity Badges (which I will discuss later.)  As a Webelos Den we will be working through almost all the requirements to earn that Webelos award.  Each boy and family will be required to complete Webelos Rquirements #1 and #8.  There may be some other take home assignments as we go through the program but those will be assigned as they come up.  So please work on Requirments #1 and #8 as soon as possible.  (I do believe I will be offering a Christian Religous Program this year which would count for Req’t 8.  Please let me know if you are interested.)

Activity pins are kind of like Merit Badges in Boy Scouts.  You can go ahead and earn as many as you like.  As you earn more and more you also can earn additional awards to be worn on your uniform.  As a Den we will be working on the following pins: Citizen, Fitness, Scientist, Outdoorsman, Readyman, Showman, Craftsman, and Engineer.  These we will use to earn our Webelos Badge and Arrow of light.  Feel free to earn any of the others on your own.

Webelos should be a fun year (two years actaully) and I am looking forward to us being together again.

Tomahawk Camp was Awesome!

The 2nd year Webelo’s just got back from camping at the Tomahawk camp in North West Wisconsin (Near Rice Lake).  The weather was good and the rain mostly held off until our drive home.

In short this camp is geared for youths interested in transitioning to boy scouts.  The camp will teach the boys many useful skills such as aquatics, shooting, ecology and climbing as well as many more.

It is a 4 day, three night camp in 2 person tents.  Campsites are broken into groups of about 20 people, and most of the events you will attend with the rest of your campsite.  In addition to the standard scripted activities there are times available to explore on your own or attend the events of your choice; the beach was a favorite choice.

Below are some of the pictures taken during this years camping.  I would highly recommend this program for all 2nd year webelos!

Webelos Rank Test

All Webelos must know the meaning of the Webelos badge, uniform requirements as well as the Boy Scout oath, motto, slogan etc.  Please go to Webelos-Test to take the test.  After you have taken the test click submit and email it to brianbluhm@msn.com.


Brian Bluhm Webelos Den Leader

Webelos Experience 2011

Hope everyone had a great time at the Webelos Experience 2011.   The boys got a great start on a lot of pins and got to see quite a few things in a short period of time.  The weather even cooperated (except for the cool evening).

We hope to have more campouts starting in the Spring and next Summer.  Everyone should tell their friends and family so we can get an even larger turnout for the next camping trip.  Thanks to everyone who attended!

-Brian Bluhm – Webelos Den Leader

Camping with Troop 5

The 1st and 2nd year webelos had a great time camping with Boy Scout Troop 5 this past weekend.  The weather was excellent, the location was perfect and the company could not have been better.

What a great opportunity to let the boy scouts teach the cub scouts and both get to earn badges in the process!  And for those that missed the camp out I am sure we will do it again.

Thank you Troop 5 and we look forward to camping with you again in the future.

Below are some of the pictures from the event.  If you have any pictures you would like posted here please contact me.

Welcome 1st yr Webelos

Welcome 1st year Webelos!  My name is Brian Bluhm (Grayden’s dad) and I will be your Den Leader this year. My goal for all the 1st year Webelos is to help you on the journey to get your Webelos badge, Arrow of Light and transition into Boy Scouts next year.

Webelos is a little different than you were accustomed too from Bobcat to Bear.  We will be doing a little review on the previous and preparing everyone to become Boy Scouts.  All scouts will also be given the opportunity to lead part of a meeting to help build their leadership skills.  Outdoor activities play a big role in Webelos so in addition to fitness activities we will also be camping and learning outdoor skills.  All scouts are required wear their uniform and to bring their book to every den meeting

Parents:  The following is our Den schedule.  I’ve included Den Meetings, Pack Meetings and any other items that are important for all scouts to participate in; especially the Webelos.  There are also items that parents need to complete for their scout to earn their Webelos badge.  In order for us to accomplish all of the items needed a lot of meetings are required as well as field trips and camping trips.  For some of the items I will be assigning a scout to help lead a meeting.   If a scout has to miss a meeting or event, let me know and I will assign an item to do at home so he doesn’t fall behind.   If there are any questions I can be reached via email brianbluhm@msn.com or phone 651-271-7183.

September 24th (Saturday) – Brat Sale Fundraiser at Top Ten Wine & Spirits 11am-4pm.  

This is a volunteer fundraiser and we are looking for help selling Brats and other items during the Oktoberfest Beer Tasting at Top Ten.  Parents will be working the booth and the scouts will be trying to pull in the customers.  Please have your scout make a sign to hold up.  We need volunteers!

September 26th (Monday) 6:30-8pm – Pack Meeting – St. Lukes
Please let me know if your child has earned any belt loops or anything over the summer at camp.  We are assigned the skit.  We will work on short skit before the meeting, so please arrive about 15 minutes early.

October 3rd (Monday) 7-8pm Den Meeting – St. Lukes
Parents  – Please read over the Webelos Scout Parent Guide pages 1-22 of the Webelos Handbook.  After reading please sign number one page 49.   Also please start on number 8 page 50 “Faith”.  Please have your scout complete this by the November 14th Den Meeting so we can sign it off.  After the Faith portion is completed the boys are eligible for their Webelos religious scout emblem.  Please let me know which emblem applies from page 69 of the Webelos Handbook.
Scouts – For the first half of this meeting we will be reviewing some old items and learning new things like the meaning of the Webelos Badge.  We will start on our Fitness and Athlete Activity Badges for the second part of the meeting.  A portion of this will be done at home and tested at the next den meeting.

October 15th (Saturday) – Adopt a Park – Oakwood Park Cleanup
This will provide the scouts with an opportunity to understand one their many duties as a citizen (for the Citizen Badge) and of course help in creating a cleaner environment for everyone.  Webelos are required to attend.  Let me know if you are not going to make it so I can assign a different conservation project.  This is a requirement to get your Webelos badge.

October 17th (Monday) – 7-8pm Den Meeting – St Lukes
We will be finishing the Fitness and Athletics Badge.  Please bring your exercise chart to this meeting.  This meeting and the next couple will concentrate on the Citizen Badge.

October 24th (Monday) – 6:30-8pm Pack Meeting – St Lukes
Lego derby kits will be for sale!

October 28th (Friday) and October 29th (Saturday) Time/ Place TBD
We will again be in the Cottage Grove Halloween parade.  We will have a float but not without volunteers to help build it.  Scouts will have an opportunity to walk or ride in Saturday’s parade.

November 4st (Friday) and 5th (Saturday) Fall Craft Sale – St Lukes
We have been given the opportunity raise funds for our pack by selling soup and sandwiches at St. Lukes annual craft sale.  Friday’s event will need adult volunteers as the kids are in school and Saturday we will need both scouts and adults to help.  More info will coming.

November 5th – Food Drive Flyer Drop
Just as it sounds, we have to put flyers in the doors or on handles throughout local neighborhoods to our annual Food Drive.  Shouldn’t take too long so if you’re around please volunteer.

November 12th (Saturday) Time TBD Food Drive pickup
We need volunteers to help pick up food around the neighborhood before the Lego Derby.

November 12th (Saturday) 1:30-4pm Pack Meeting and Lego Derby
1st yr Webelos have the Greeting followed by an action packed day of Lego Racing!

November 14th (Monday) 7-8pm Den Meeting – St Lukes
We will have a guest government speaker in lieu of field trip to discuss function of government.  This will be a continuation of our Citizen Activity Badge requirements.  Time permitting we will start on our Engineer Badge.  Special guest speaker engineer – Rick Fryar

November 28th (Monday) 7-8pm Den Meeting – St Lukes
Engineer activity badge – We will work on our engineering skills by building things like a catapult and working with electrical circuits.

December 11th (Sunday) 12:30-2:30pm Holiday Party  Activity Center PHS
Our annual Holiday Party – More details at the November pack meeting.  Hope for no snow!

December 12th (Monday) 7-8pm Den Meeting St Lukes
We will be working on our Scientist Badge.  Most of the boys probably already will have the requirements covered for this badge but we will review sportsmanship and work on earning more belt loops. We will be working on our skit for the February 19th Blue & Gold.

January 9th (Monday) 7-8pm Den Meeting St Lukes
Work on the Sportsman Badge.  Most of the boys probably already will have the requirements covered for this badge but we will review sportsmanship and work on earning more belt loops.
We will have completed our Webelos Badge requirements by this date.  Start on new activities for the Arrow of Light.

January 13th (Friday) and 14th (Saturday) 6:30pm-8am Pack Meeting and Lock In – St Lukes
We have flags.  Pack meeting and a fun night for the kids to play games, watch movies or just hang out all night.  More info at the December Holiday Party.
January 23 (Monday) 7-8pm Arrow of Light Ceremony

2nd yr Webelos earn the Arrow of Light and are on their way to becoming Boy Scouts.  All Webelos attend.

February 4th (Saturday) TBD Conservation Project
Fort Snelling Cleanup.  More info coming soon.

February 11th (Saturday) Polar Camp 9am-3pm Phillipo Scout Reservation
Snow tubing anyone?

February 19th Blue & Gold Banquet 3-7:30pm VFW
1st Yr Webelo have skit.

February 27th (Monday) 7-8pm Den Meeting St Lukes
Readyman Badge!  Do you know what to do in an emergency or when someone gets hurt?  Be Strong, be Calm, be Clear, and be Careful.  We will learn about these items and first aid.

March 1st or 2nd Pine Wood Derby Weigh-in St Lukes 6:30-8pm
Everyone wishing to race this year must check in on one of these nights.

March 3rd (Saturday) Pinewood Derby 10am-? St Lukes
A fun day for the whole family!

March 12th (Monday) 7-8pm Den Meeting St Lukes
Traveler Badge.  We will be working with transportation time tables and maps to come up with a trip you can take with your family.  We will also work on the Geography and Map & Compass Belt Loops.

April 9th (Monday) 7-8pm Den Meeting St Lukes
Geologist Badge – All Webelos please bring in a couple different rocks from your house, school or neighborhood.  We will be discussing Geology and earning our Geology Badge.

June 2nd (Saturday)12pm Pack Graduation – Oakwood Park
The boys will move from 1st yr Webelos and transition to 2nd yr and we will congratulate the Lions, Tigers, Wolves and Bears as they get a step closer to becoming Boy Scouts.

Spring is kept short purposely due to so many boys starting spring and summer actitives.  We will have at least one more den camping trip before pack graduation.  The boys should have earned at least nine badges by the end of this year and perhaps more.  Our goal is 20 by next year.

Boys Whittling by the St. Croix River

See you at camp!

Advancement and Awards

Webelos Rank Requirements

  1. Have an adult member of your family read the Webelos Scout Parent Guide that comes with this book (pages 1-22) and sign here.
  2. Be an active member of your Webelos den for 3 months (Active means having good attendance, paying den dues, working on den projects).
  3. Know and explain the meaning of the Webelos badge.
  4. Point out the three special parts of the Webelos Scout uniform. Tell when to wear the uniform and when not to wear it.
  5. Earn the Fitness and Citizen activity badges and one other activity badge from a different activity group.
  6. Plan and lead a flag ceremony in your den that includes the U.S. flag.
  7. Show that you know and understand the requirements to be a Boy Scout.
    1. Demonstrate the Scout saluteScout sign, andScout handshake. Explain when you would use them.
    2. Explain the Scout OathScout LawScout motto, and Scout slogan
    3. Explain and agree to follow the Outdoor Code.
  8. Faith: After completing the rest of requirement 8, do these (a, b, and c):
    1. Know: Tell what you have learned about faith.
    2. Commit: Tell how these faith experiences help you live your duty to God. Name one faith practice that you will continue to do in the future.
    3. Practice: After doing these requirements, tell what you have learned about your beliefs.

    And do one of these (d OR e):

    1. Earn the religious emblem of your faith*
    2. Do two of these:
      • Attend the mosque, church, synagogue, temple, or other religious organization of your choice, talk with your religious leader about your beliefs. Tell your family and your Webelos den leader what you learned.
      • Discuss with your family and Webelos den leader how your religious beliefs fit in with the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and what character-building traits your religious beliefs have in common with the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
      • With your religious leader, discuss and make a plan to do two things you think will help you draw nearer to God. Do these things for a month.
      • For at least a month, pray or meditate reverently each day as taught by your family, and by your church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or religious group.
      • Under the direction of your religious leader, do an act of service for someone else. Talk about your service with your family and Webelos den leader. Tell them how it made you feel.
      • List at least two ways you believe you have lived according to your religious beliefs.

    * If you earned your faith’s religious emblem earlier in Cub Scouting, and your faith does not have a Webelos religious emblem, you must complete requirement 8e.

    Completion of requirement 8e does not qualify a youth to receive the religious emblem of his faith.

    Webelos Emblems. A list of the various religious emblems, and the levels in which they can be earned is also listed Click here to see it.)

Webelos PatchAs with all Cub Scout ranks, you must first earn the Bobcat Badge to be eligible to work for this award. Also, your Webelos Den Leader will now sign off your activities (your parent or guardian does not sign off the activities as they did when you were a Wolf or Bear).

After you’ve earned the Webelos badge, you can earn thecompass points emblem. It is awarded after you earn seven activity badges, four more in addition to the three you earned for the Webelos badge.