K9 Demonstration

Today we were greeted by Cottage Grove Officer Mike Vandervort and his K9 partner, Blitz.

He talked about the uses for his K9 partner, where he is best used and why even a smaller town such as Cottage Grove needs a K9 unit. The best part, according to the cub scouts, was when Mr. Bernard was the attack puppet for Blitz.

See the video below:

Tomahawk Camp was Awesome!

The 2nd year Webelo’s just got back from camping at the Tomahawk camp in North West Wisconsin (Near Rice Lake).  The weather was good and the rain mostly held off until our drive home.

In short this camp is geared for youths interested in transitioning to boy scouts.  The camp will teach the boys many useful skills such as aquatics, shooting, ecology and climbing as well as many more.

It is a 4 day, three night camp in 2 person tents.  Campsites are broken into groups of about 20 people, and most of the events you will attend with the rest of your campsite.  In addition to the standard scripted activities there are times available to explore on your own or attend the events of your choice; the beach was a favorite choice.

Below are some of the pictures taken during this years camping.  I would highly recommend this program for all 2nd year webelos!

Webelos Experience 2011

Hope everyone had a great time at the Webelos Experience 2011.   The boys got a great start on a lot of pins and got to see quite a few things in a short period of time.  The weather even cooperated (except for the cool evening).

We hope to have more campouts starting in the Spring and next Summer.  Everyone should tell their friends and family so we can get an even larger turnout for the next camping trip.  Thanks to everyone who attended!

-Brian Bluhm – Webelos Den Leader

Camping with Troop 5

The 1st and 2nd year webelos had a great time camping with Boy Scout Troop 5 this past weekend.  The weather was excellent, the location was perfect and the company could not have been better.

What a great opportunity to let the boy scouts teach the cub scouts and both get to earn badges in the process!  And for those that missed the camp out I am sure we will do it again.

Thank you Troop 5 and we look forward to camping with you again in the future.

Below are some of the pictures from the event.  If you have any pictures you would like posted here please contact me.

Welcome 2nd Years

Welcome, please check back for more information from your den leader