6/1/13 Wolf Graduation

Congratulations to all the Wolves on graduating to become Bears as we start the summer! Got a picture of the boys who were able to make it to the ceremony: Micah, Vincent, Lincoln, Alex, and Jacob. I look forward to seeing you all whether it’s summer camp or starting the Bear Trail for our Cubs in September. Have a great summer!


Pack Meeting 4/29/13

The pack meeting was a blast and it was great to see everyone there! The boys did a great job on their skit and looked great in their uniforms.

The following Wolves earned their Wolf Badge:

  • Alex Carr
  • Cole Christiansen
  • Roby Graff
  • Joseph Iovino
  • Brandon Lybeck
  • Vincent Munoz
  • Lincoln Pollard


Den Meetings 3/18/13 and 3/25/13

I wanted to congratulate the boys on finishing up Achievement 12 and all of their Wolf Badge requirements this year! Next month, we’ll move on to Electives and the boys will earn their Wolf Badges at the Pack Meeting. Here’s a picture of the boys from the Den Meeting yesterday.


2-17-13 Blue and Gold Ceremony

I want to congratulate Micah, Alex, Roby, Jacob, Vincent, and Cole for getting their Achievement Beads at the Ceremony. Special Congratulations to Micah for being the first Cub in the Den to get his Wolf Badge! The Arrow of Light Ceremony was fun to watch and I know the boys loved the demonstration from Derek Bernard!



Polar Cubs Camp 2/3/13

Had a great day with Jacob, Joseph, Micah, Alex, Brandon, Lincoln,Vincent, Roby, and their parents at Polar Cubs Camp at Phillipo Scout Reservation today!


Pack Meeting 1/11/13

Had a great time at the Pack Meeting Sleepover with Micah, Alex, Lincoln, Brandon, Vincent and their families!


Den Meeting 12/10/12

We had a great meeting at St. Luke’s with Alex, Micah, Brandon, Cole, and Lincoln. The boys worked on situations dealing with strangers and finished making a christmas present for their parents. Brandon’s sister and Alex’s brother even participated. It was alot of fun and here is a pic from the meeting.


12/3/12 Den Meeting

For our Den Meeting, we took a tour of the new Cottage Grove City Hall Facility. Council Member Jen Peterson along with a Cottage Grove Police Officer gave us a great tour and showed us how our local government and police force operate. The boys and parents had a blast!



Den Meeting 11/5/12

For our 3rd Den Meeting, we met at Highland Park and did 2 exercises where the Cubs ran a race and did a standing long jump. To finish the Cubs played a game of football. Congratulations to Joseph on earning his Bobcat Badge and thanks to everyone who showed up for a dark and cold night of fun!

10/29/12 Pack Meeting

I wanted to thank all the Cubs and families who were able to make the Pack Meeting. The boys looked great in their costumes! We have a potential new Wolf Cub who came to the meeting and is interested in joining. I want to congratulate Alex, Micah, Roby, and Lincoln on their Achievement Beads. I also want to congratulate Cole on earning his Bobcat Badge. Good job Wolf Cubs!