5-17-14 Basecamp Lock-In

Zack, with his brother, Alex and I attended Basecamp Lock-In at Ft Snelling and had a blast!

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Pack Meeting 4/28/14

Zack Carr getting his Lion Badge!

Zack Carr getting his Lion Badge!

New Lion Cub Den

Hello Lion Cubs!

First let me say welcome to the Pack. I think we are going to be able to have a great time this year with our boys and all the activities we’ll do together.

Here’s how Lion’s generally works. This program is run by the parents. Typically there is a leader but that leader really only helps facilitate the organization of meeting times. Each parent will take a turn planning the month’s activities. The Adult handbook has a lot of suggestions to choose from, or you can choose your own activities you feel demonstrate the monthly theme. I will help with leadership as needed but the hope is that over the Lion and Tiger years someone will step up to become the Den Leader to plan and lead the kids the rest of the way through Cub Scouts.

Each month has generally three activities: 1 Den Meeting, 1 Grand Adventure, and 1 Pack Meeting. The Pack meeting is run by the pack committee so you are off the hook for that. The Den meeting is generally planning some kind of socializing activity like a game or a coloring sheet or something and then working through the handbook chapter for that month. The Grand Adventure is just planning an outing or field trip. So each month isn’t too bad, but some Grand Adventures take some thinking ahead.

Now at this point we only have Two lion cubs – a small Den. Hopefully the Den will grow this year which is unlikely unless you invite some friends. There is a good chance the Den will grow next year as Tigers because that is a very common time for kids to join scouts since Lion Cubs is such a new program. But since we have such a small Den the Tiger Den leader Danith has suggested that we team up together so the boys have more interaction with other kids and hopefully more fun.

We will have to work with Danith some to try and coordinate our activities but I think it is a great idea. We will most likely do our Grand Adventures together. Then at Den meetings we will share in a group activity and then during Workbook time we will split off. If our Workbook times coincide with each other then we will by all means work together in those cases.


Here is the plan for October:

For the Grand Adventure we plan to utilize the Pack Activity of going to the Corn Maze at Zywiec’s on Saturday, October 6. The plan is to meet at Zywiec’s at 12:00pm. The cost is $8.50/Adult and $6.50 for kids. If you know you are coming please let Me, Danith, or Rick Fryar know because we might be able to get a discount if enough people are going. If you have friends who might want to come it may be a great way to get them interested in Cub Scouts as well. Matthew, my Lion, will not be able to make it to this outing but please come and meet the other Scouts.

For the Den Meeting we are going to meet at St. Luke’s Church on Monday, October 15th. I am not sure about the time yet be we will let you know closer to that date (probably 6:30pm). We will do some activities with the Tigers and then work on our workbooks. Karen has volunteered to lead this meeting so she will make sure we have what we need. You need to bring your son’s Lion Handbook, a Baby Photo (not required but good) and I think that is it. We will review the workbook closer to the 15th to make sure.

The Pack Meeting is then on October 29th at St. Luke’s Church at 6:30pm. Feel free to dress in your Halloween Costume.

SO, that is all I have for now. If you have questions please let me know and I will be happy to answer them. Hopefully you can come to the Corn Maze, otherwise we will see you October 15th.


This past weekend we held the graduation ceremony for the Lions, Tigers, Wolves and Bears.  Those dens advanced to the next rank due to all of their hard work and achievements through out the year.

The scouts that were present were able to swap their neckerchief for the next rank for free.  If you have an old neckercheif that you no longer need, or would like to swap one from one rank to another please contact us or your den leader.

Below are some pictures of the Lion’s crossing the bridge to become Tigers.

Remember that next week we will be “planting” flags at the intersection of 70th and Hinton prior to flag day.  If you can help with that activity on Wednesday early evening please let your den leader know.  We also will need help collecting the flags on Sunday.

Pictures from Lions Afton Visit

Below are some pictures that were taken during the recent Lions field trip.

Looks like everyone had a great time!

Welcome to Lions Cubs

Welcome to Lion Cubs

The Cub Scout adventure begins with the Lion Cub.  A program of exciting indoor and outdoor activities designed for kindergarten boys and their adult partner.

Adults are there to support and guide, and allow the new Cub Scout to discover the activities under adult supervision.  He will learn by doing these things himself.  As he learns and grows the relationship with him will grow as well.

At the end of the school year, he will graduate to Tiger Cubs.  Then with each following year he will advance through the Cub Scout program as a Wolf, Bear, and finally as a Webelos Scout.

As a fifth grader he will move on in the adventure as a Boy Scout where he will continue to build life-long leadership skills.