5/17/14 Basecamp Lock-In

Alex, Zack, and I had a blast at the Basecamp Lock-In at Ft Snelling!


Pack Meeting 4/28/14

Congratulations to the boys on their advancements!

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    Starting from the right: Lincoln, Alex, Micah, Will, Jake, our new Bear Cub Joey, and Joseph.


    Starting from the right: Lincoln, Alex, Micah, Will, Jake, our new Bear Cub Joey, and Joseph.


    New Bear Cub Joey getting his Bobcat Badge!


    Joseph getting his Bear Badge!


Polar Cubs 2/2/14

Bear Den 3 joined Pack 246 kids in going to Phillippo Scout Reservation for Polar Cubs 2014! The following Bear Cubs attended: Alex, Micah, Jake, Vincent, Roby, and Lincoln. My Lion Cub, Zack, attended as well. The events were a lot of fun and the weather was not as bad as last year. Here was a picture from the event:


Pictured from left to right: Jake, Alex, Vincent, Lincoln, and Zack behind Vincent and Lincoln.

Den Meeting 12/16/13

The theme of the Den Meeting was Criminal Investigation. Alex, Micah, Lincoln, Roby, and Will were told to analyze the clues on separate tables to figure out which suspect out of 6 had stolen the Den’s cookies. Derek Bernard did a great job organizing and running the meeting. The kids had a great time, especially at the end when they recieved some cookies for guessing the correct suspect. Here are some pictures from the meeting:





Den Meeting 12/9/13

The Pack got together for a K9 Police Dog demonstration from the Cottage Grove Police Department. It was alot of fun! Here are some pictures from the meeting:

WP_001364 WP_001361 WP_001363 WP_001360WP_001370 WP_001367

Pack Meeting 11/25/13

In the first picture, Jacob, Joseph, Lincoln, Will, Micah, and Alex receiving awards during meeting. In the second picture, Will received his Bobcat badge from his Dad, while Jamie and Rick held him upside down. Great Job Will!

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The Bear Trail

Each scout must complete twelve achievements to be a Bear Cub Scout.  You can pick the ones you want to do from four different groups.  You have a wide choice because there are twenty-four to pick from.

  • GOD (Do One)
  • COUNTRY (Do Three)
  • FAMILY (Do Four)
  • SELF (Do four)

The GOD and FAMILY portions need to be done at home on your own.  You can pick which ones to complete in each group.  The COUNTRY and SELF groups are going to be done in den meetings through-out the year.  You can do extras that count towards Arrow Points, but it is not neccessary for the Bear Award.

Arrow Points

Now you are a Bear Cub Scout.  Wait!  There’s still lots of fun.  Baloo haselectives for you, too.  Electives are not like achievements.  You may pick any requirements you like from the electives and do it. When you have ecompleted 10 elective requirements, you have earned your first Arrow Point–a gold one.  After earning a Gold Arrow Point, you may complete 10 more requirements to earn a Silver Arrow Point. Under your Bear badge, you may wear as many Silver Arrow Points as you earn.

When working on your Bear badge, you might have seen some achievements you wanted to try but didn’t.  Achievements that were not used to earn the Bear badge may be used as electives.  However, note that unused parts of achievments that were used for the Bear badge may not be counted toward Arrow Points.  These requirements now follow the same rules as the elective requirements.  Each one is a separate project.  You can mix requirements from electives and achievements that were not counted toward the Bear badge in any way to get th ten you need for each Arrow Point.